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Default Model

This model is the default upscaling model used with UpscalerJS. It is a copy of the 2x model made available via @upscalerjs/esrgan-slim.

Samples + Demo

Here are some examples of upscaled images using this model.

Original2x Upscaled
Original imageUpscaled image using esrgan-thick/2x


@upscalerjs/default-model comes pre-installed with upscaler. It is the default model when no model is provided:

import UpscalerJS from 'upscaler';
const upscaler = new UpscalerJS(); // Using the default-model

If for some reason you wish to provide it explicitly, you can do so:

import UpscalerJS from 'upscaler';
import model from '@upscalerjs/default-model';

const upscaler = new UpscalerJS({

Performance + Speed Measurements


This model is trained via a Python implementation of the ESRGAN architecture.

The Python repo has instructions on training from scratch if you are so inclined.

Training Details

View more information on training at @upscalerjs/esrgan-slim.


MIT License © Kevin Scott