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Upscale Images in Javascript

Open source, browser/Node compatibility, and completely free to use under the MIT license.

npm install upscaler

Scales to 2x, 3x, and 4x

Scale images up to 4x their original size, all in Javascript.

Models included

UpscalerJS ships with pretrained models in the box covering a wide variety of use cases. Or bring your own!

Platform Support

Browser, Node (CPU and GPU-accelerated), and Service Worker environments all supported.

Images First

Supports inputs in a wide variety of formats - URL, HTMLImageElement, and more, and by default exports a base64 upscaled string.


Pick your Javascript flavor! UpscalerJS ships with ESM and UMD (browser) and ESM and CJS (Node).

Extensive Documentation

Close to 100% test coverage, Typescript support, examples covering a wide variety of use cases, and thick documentation.