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UpscalerJS is a tool for increasing image resolution in Javascript via a Neural Network up to 4x. It's open source, free to use, and ships with models to use out of the box. Your users won't have to install a thing.


Increasing an image's size results in a pixelated image:

Pixelated 2x

Most browsers by default use an algorithm called bicubic interpolation to get a more pleasing version, but this loses image quality and increases blurriness:

Bicubic 2x

Neural Networks can allow us to "paint in" the expanded sections of the image, enhancing quality.

Upscaled 2x


UpscalerJS is written in Javascript (on top of Tensorflow.js).

Most Super Resolution (most machine learning, for that matter) is done via Python. Javascript for machine learning has several benefits:


By running the code on your users' devices, there's no need for installations or server-side implementation. This means your users can get started with upscaling inference immediately, without any extra setup.


Since images don't need to leave the users' device for processing, UpscalerJS offers a secure and private solution for machine learning.


In addition to being convenient, running UpscalerJS clientside can also offer a latency benefit. By avoiding the need for a round trip to the server for processing, UpscalerJS can deliver faster results to your users.


UpscalerJS can be used on a variety of platforms, including Node.js, Electron, and Cloudflare Workers, making it a versatile choice for your upscaling needs.


If your codebase is already written in Javascript, UpscalerJS can be easily integrated into your existing workflow. This makes it an ideal choice for bringing the power of machine learning to your users without any additional complications.

Next Steps

With UpscalerJS, you can leverage the benefits of Javascript to deliver fast, convenient, and secure upscaling for your users.

Learn more about how to install UpscalerJS and get started.